13 Most Comfortable Sandals for 2021

13 Most Comfortable Sandals for 2021

2021 is all about fashion decisions that you can make which will make all the heads turn, while still prioritizing comfort above all.  Speaking of comfort, are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of sandals that you can wear all of 2021 and that will be perfect for any occasion? Well no need to keep looking because we got you covered! In this blog post we will be sharing with you 13 most comfortable sandals that you can buy today which will be ideal for any event or situation!  These sandals are guaranteed to spice up any outfit and help elevate your style!


The first sandal that we will be introducing is the Gizeh from Birkenstock.  These shoes are considered to be an all time classic and look great with any outfit you put on! We are all aware of how quickly the fashion world is changing and hw style is constantly evolving. But investing in a classic like the Gizeh will definitely be a lifelong investment and look great as the years go by.  This shoe comes with its iconic footbed that provides signature support and completes any outfit with its minimalist design! 


Next we will be introducing you to Yilania from Aldo.  This sandal features a comfy slip-on thong style that is a summer essential and looks seven better on!  With the thick band on top and the beautiful gold piece placed at the centre of the shoe, you will be able to look as stylish as ever and still manage to be the comfiest you have ever been!  The Yilania comes in three basic different colours to choose from, making it extremely easy to pair with any outfit!  

Paty Natural

Doesn't matter if you are on a cruise ship or walking to the nearest corner store by yourself, the Paty Natural by Steve Madden are all you need to accompany you on your journey.  These shoes feature two braided gorgeous straps that go across your feet on the top, accompanied with a thick cushion sole that will make you feel as if you are walking on the softest cloud ever!  These shoes come in three different colours to choose from and will look great with a dress, shorts, or even ripped jeans, the choices are endless! 

Slides With Crossed Straps

Make a fashionable statement with the all-new Slides With Crossed Straps from Ardene!  These sandals are not only comfortable but also provide an immense amount of support.  These shoes are the definition of how at times, little goes a long way! With so many different colours to choose from, you will be able to easily pick a style that most suits you and fit your own personal style! 


As simple and classic as it can be! Try out the Steve Madden Daelyn sandals available at Soft Moc.  These sandals are available in three different colours to choose from and feature a simple two-strap upper and easy flat sole. With these sandals you can dress up or dress down any outfit as you wish and depending on the occasion!  

Women's Nella Medium/Wide Sandal

The Naturalizer Women's Nella Medium/Wide Sandal from Famous Footwear is a defiant must have for the 2021 year!  These sandals are available in 2 basic solid colours to choose from and will hug your feet real nice and snug.  Strap yourself into these stylish shoes and show off your elegant style and look great this summer season. Now you can flaunt your latest pedicure and stunt in these awesome sandals. 

Payden Sadal 

Embody your femenine energy by trying out these Payden Sandals from The Shoe Company.  These sandals feature slim and interwoven straps that provide much security and support.  These sandals look great with any outfit and with the help of the comfortable padding and durable sole, you will be feeling as comfy as ever!

Volcom Women’s Easy Breezy II Sandals

This sandal is exactly what you need to match your free and wild spirit.  The Volcom Women’s Easy Breezy II Sandals are airy and easy to move in.  They feature faux leather and criss-crossed straps that help keep your feet in place.  The sandal also comes with an extra soft footbed and arch support which provides a ridiculous amount of true comfort!  

The Leather Platform Sandals

All ladies need a basic and simple platform to complete their shoe collection! The Leather Platform Sandals from Everlane are a must have! These sandals are sturdy and feature a stretchy strap on the back with an adjustable velcro strap that goes across your foot. The gorgeous golden brown color is to die for and will be great on whoever tries it on.  Have a pleasant time walking in these sandals and have all your friends wondering how they too can be as fashionable as you! 

The ASOS Design Sandals in Black

Who doesn't love a shoe that is as simple as it is versatile? The ASOS Design Sandals in Black is a staple piece that goes with any piece of clothing and can be worn for any occasion.  This shoe features a wide sole with a large adjustable buckle at the back.  The large straps go across your feet and will be the comfiest things that your feet have ever felt! 

Casual Wedge Sandals

Are you on the search for a shoe that is the perfect mix of style and comfort? No need to keep searching because we have the perfect sandal for you! Embrace your playful side with the stylish Casual Wedge Sandals! These sandals come with a rounded head and a wedge heel, leaving lots of room for your toes and.  The sandal also features a hooked loop strap that you can adjust to your liking.  This sandal will have you incredibly comfortable as prepared as ever for this hot summer season! 

Bohemia Bead Style Herringbone Sandals

Headed to the beach or a hot summer evening barbeque but want to be comfortable the whole time? Try out the all new Bohemia Bead Style Herringbone Sandals. These sandals are colourful and are available in three different styles.  They feature beautiful beads and cushioned padding that can provide lots of support and have you standing for long periods of time! The shining rhinestone bead embellishments will make your feet look and feel gorgeous. Pair it with your favorite outfit to combine style with comfort! 

Comfy Platform Wide Sandals 

Our last recommendation for a comfortable sandal is the Comfy Platform Wide Sandals from ScocoSands.  This shoe is all you need to make a bold statement and make all the heads turn when walking into a room! This sandal comes with Orthopedic Bunion Correction and is perfect for anyone who likes to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time! These versatile shoes will have you enjoying your 2021 year free of any pain!

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