About Us

Our Brand

Soco Sands strives to be humble and provide value to our customers. As well as back to the environment and society. Our products are designed to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your daily routine. Through simplicity in design & confidence in comfort we offer the world's most comfortable sandals. Sources from ethically extracted, curated, and produced materials, as well as appropriate and fair business policies, on every level of our organization. We pride ourselves on the procurement and production of all our sandals and products in ethical as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. 

Our Mission

Our goals are simple. We want to provide comfortable, and affordable footwear to anyone and everyone across the globe. We reject fast fashion and non sustainable practices, as we lead and set example to our competitors and other footwear providers. All while engaging in environmentally friendly practices, and empowering and supporting a team made up of almost 100% females. 

The Environmental Aspect

One of our biggest accomplishments and prides is the fact that all of our footwear products are 100% plastic free. We source sustainable bamboo and recycled and reclaimed rubber parts for the production of all our sandals and footwear. One of the best characteristics of our bamboo is that it is a more eco-friendly and sustainable material, compared to our competitors who use cotton, wood, plastic, non-recycled rubber, and many more unsustainable materials. We like to lead by example and steer global ecommerce down the environmentally friendly path. 

Our Team

The Soco Sands team is made up of mostly women (nearly 90%), and our leadership team is entirely female.

As a beloved, well-known brand, we realize that we have a unique opportunity to empower other women with our platform. That’s why with every single project we do, we recruit women-on-the-rise whenever possible, from collaborators to photographers, stylists, printers, illustrators, editors—even our fonts were designed by women. 

Corporate Social Responsibility - Giving back to those in need

We're proud to partner with Soles4Souls - an organization that aims to disrupt the cycle of poverty by creating sustainable jobs and providing relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.

Since 2006, we have distributed more than 35 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries and generated over $250 million in economic impact.  

Our Founders

Right from the beginning, our founders goals were to provide sustainable, and comfortable footwear to anyone in need, in any country. By going against the median of fast fashion and building a team based around diverse and skilled women in lead. All in order to re-shape the global ecommerce platform, into something more than just another greenwashed business. We work steadily to change environmentally harmful practices and share what we know and learn. Not only to cause less harm, but to do more good.

So if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you and help in any ways possible.

Email: info@socosands.com
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Address: 724 Caledonia Rd, York, Ontario, M6B 3X7, Canada