A New Feeling of Comfort! A Valued Customer Review

A New Feeling of Comfort! A Valued Customer Review

From my great deal of experience working in Retail for a solid portion of my life, I have spent a massive amount of time standing on my feet and walking around for a good chunk of the 9-5 workday. Overtime, I've began to notice that my left foot started to get a nasty pain by the time I had gotten home from work and sat down on my couch or kitchen table. At first I decided to just throw it on the backburner and focus more on my work and my personal life. As the days went on and on, I started to feel the pain get more prominent, and the worst thing about it all, now my right foot was experiencing the same excruciating pain. Now I knew I had to do something and get rid of this pain once and for all! 

My husband has an amazing chiropractor he uses for his construction-related muscle pains and injuries. That day, once we had both returned home from work, I asked him to give me his doctor's number so that I could finally nip this foot problem in the bud. I gave the doc a call and was informed that getting foot pain around my age wasn't uncommon, especially for those who spend a lot of time standing, which was a perfect match with my lifestyle. I decided that the next day I was going to cash in a Vacation Day and take as much time as I needed to ensure my feet were going to be healed for my next work day.

After grabbing my morning coffee and enjoying my egg-plentiful breakfast, I headed straight to the office. A few people had appointments before me and one person sitting beside me started a friendly chat. I asked how Dr. Miranda was with pain relieving, and I was extremely glad to hear that she was excellent! Half an hour later, it was my turn to see the doc. 

When I first sat down, Miranda pointed directly at my shoes. I wore an old beat-up pair of New Balance's as my everyday footwear, but didn't know that these classics were the culprit for causing my foot aches. She explained to me that these shoes needed to go, and if I were to continue wearing them, my foot pain would only increase. Luckily, she had a few pairs of orthopedic recommended shoes and sandals for me to try on right in her office, little did I know, the first pair I tried on would change my life as drastically as it has. 

I tried on the Bohemia Bead Style Herringbone Sandals and immediately fell in love! These puppies were super stylish and felt like I was walking around on a cloud. I asked Miranda where I could get myself a pair of these and she happily wrote down the Soco Sands website for me. Soco Sands? I'd never heard of the brand or really ever did any online shopping, but still decided to grab a pair because of that unreal comfort I felt in the doctor's office. Once I found my pair, I browsed through the landing page and was superbly happy to find that these would only run me $39.99! I honestly thought this price was a typo until I found out all Soco Sands footwear was listed at this unbeatable offer. 

After reading through some of the credentials and description of the product, I went for it and placed my order. Now all I had to do was play the waiting game. Unfortunately, I knew I had to work a day or two before these sandals would arrive, so I grabbed a pair of my daughters runners and headed out. 

Little to my surprise, I only ended up working one shift before the package was delivered to my doorstep. I couldn't believe it had come so quick! Once I had seen the package was here, I unboxed it as fast as I could. When I opened the box, I was greeted by the lovely comfortable hug of my Bohemia's! I spent that whole night walking around breaking them in for work the next day. Immediately I felt the ultimate comfort travelling throughout my feet and knew that these were the perfect shoes for me! 

Fast Forward a few weeks later to now, I haven't had a day at work where my comfort level hasn't been optimal throughout the entire 9-5 day. I am endlessly happy to have the opportunity to wear these Soco Sands and will continue to recommend them to peers and colleagues in need of some comfortable shoes. I wouldn't be surprised if I grab another pair to swap into my outfit rotation. I could not have had the success I have at work without these, I feel like I'm 20 again! 

To conclude this review I would like to personally thank those at Soco Sands who have made this whole experience possible. I cannot thank you enough for allowing my feet a pillow-like sandal that keeps me comfortable whenever and wherever I wear them! For anyone currently sitting on the fence wondering whether or not these shoes are worth it, I hope you can read this review and make the right decision for you and your feet! Happy stepping everyone, and once again THANK YOU SOCO SANDS! 

- Amanda Perry, Extremely Happy Customer! 


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