Our Top Four Sandals to Keep your Feet Comfy this Fall!

Our Top Four Sandals to Keep your Feet Comfy this Fall!

Did you know that this past July was the hottest month recorded in the history of the entire world? Needless to say, most people could've stepped outside this summer and realized that every day was like a heatwave. While the warm weather is a wonderous time for pools, cool beverages, and loads of laughter, many wish for the calm Fall weather to come quickly near the end of the season. Well, September is now upon us, and we all need to gear up to prepare for the Fall weather that is beginning.

Can I let you in on a secret? Soco Sands is the absolute PERFECT item to rep during this Fall season to keep you comfy and stylish at the same time! With so many fantastic options to choose from, add some popping colour and flair to your look instantly. Here I give you four of the hottest Soco Sands footwear options that are guaranteed to stand out in your closet. If you're looking for an easy style upgrade, any of these options are perfect for introducing a new ambiance.


1. Comfort Slip-On Sandals

Price: $39.99

Colour Options: Blue, Black, Pink, Full Black, Red, Gold, Purple, Teal

Size Range: 5 - 12

Website LinkComfort Slip-On Sandals

These Comfort Slip-On Sandals are the original Soco Sandal and have been a staple in our consumer community since our brand's beginning days. These stylish and sleek sandals give you optimal comfort to truly bring out a unique and envious fashion sense. With the cool Fall weather, give your feet the breathability they need without any extra products or effort. Additionally, these sandals are environmentally friendly, lowering your overall carbon footprint. Trendsetting is something this shoe excels at, and once your peers catch a glimpse of these stellar sandals, they'll ask you all about them! 


2. Flower Casual Beach Female Flat Sandals

Price: $39.99

Colour Options: Beige, Black

Size Range: 6 - 9 

Website LinkFlower Casual Beach Female Flat Sandals

Cracking the number two spot on this list, these beautiful flower sandals bring nothing but vibes to your style. The wonderful colour options give your feet the greatest comfort available while increasing your fashion sense. With sizes ranging from 6 - 9, feel the utmost relief every time you slip into these. Flaunt the way you want, and simultaneously promote the Soles4Souls program, where lightly worn sandals are donated for those in need. Wow, adding a boss-like look while being socially responsible. Can't go wrong with these stunners!  


3. Bohemia Bead Style Herringbone Sandals

Price: $39.99

Colour Options: Beige, Black, Pink

Size Range: 5 - 10 

Website LinkBohemia Bead Style Herringbone Sandals

Do you want eyes to be drawn to you when you walk into a room? Well, these Bohemia Bead Style sandals are sure to do the trick. By purchasing these you buy yourself a ticket to a new lifestyle of fun-filled adventures and beauty! No matter the location, event, or atmosphere, rocking these shoes is sure to bring loads of people asking where you got them. This unique style is exactly what you want this fall and pairs tremendously with a wide variety of Fall outfits. Choose your go-to colour, regular size, and you are good to go. Give your feet the cushion they need, regardless of indoor or outdoor settings. Thank me later; these are amazing! 


4. Lightweight Hook Loop Wedges Sandals

Price: $39.99

Colour Options: Red, Brown, Black, Navy, Pink

Size Range: 5 - 12 

Website Link: Lightweight Hook Loop Wedges Sandals

Finalizing this Fall-exclusive list we have a unique styled wedge available in five spectacular colour ways. These Lightweight Hook Looped sandals will make your fashion choices the talk of the town! With a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing figure, these wedges give your outfit the finishing touches it needs to begin setting trends. When you break these bad boys out you're sure to have heads turn in awe. With a round-toed front, don't worry about cramming your feet into these as if they were high heels, stay cozy and comfy all the time! Wherever you're headed, these shoes are a must-have to improve comfortability, alongside fashion. Every aspect of these shoes is perfect, and just looking at the beauty these shoes hold makes me want to buy them! You won't regret stepping into these cloud-like wedges! 


Wow, what a list! This upcoming Fall season is looking like it's going to be filled with the most amazing fashion trends and styles. Soco Sands is one of those viral products that is conquering the internet and is here to stay. Don't miss out on these affordable, environmentally friendly sandals that will become a staple item in your wardrobe. Soak up the maximum comfort and breathability with a stellar pair of Soco Sands Sandals!


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