Soco's mission and how we aim above fast fashion!

Soco's mission and how we aim above fast fashion!

Here at Soco Sands, nothing matters more to us than creating quality affordable products that satisfies our customers while doing our best to pull our weight in the fight for environmental sustainability in the commerce industry!



The COVID Crisis

During the COVID crisis in the past year, many shoe companies have been worried about their sales and the rising prices for imports on their materials. With all of their concerns focused on gaining footing in this shifting online marketplace, few have even taken the time to consider the well being of their clients let alone the environment. 

Just try searching for issues related to shoe companies on google! Many of the articles that show up first will involve how the shoe companies are suffering, how their customers' buying habits are changing, and how they’re struggling to keep up. So where in this mess of articles do these companies consider the impact their reckless spending and excessive wasted materials have on the environment?

It’s not really their fault though, every company has a purpose, and if their mission didn’t initially start with concerns about how they can help make their products more eco friendly and leave as little impact as possible; then why would they think of that now in a time of industrial peril? 

How Soco approaches the shoe marketplace

First of all, Soco Sands had always started out as an online shoe store; therefore we were already ready to approach the supposed “changing buying behavior” being exhibited more frequently now. However, before this we were always a company that rejected the notion of fast fashion and tried our best to source all of our materials in the most eco-friendly way possible! To do this, we are not only proud to say all of our shoes are 100% plastic free, but we also use recycled/ reclaimed rubber and bamboo in the creation of all our footwear to help reduce the impact fast fashion has left behind.

What is Fast Fashion?

Chances are that while you’ve been browsing around online looking for new clothes, you may have heard the buzz term “fast fashion” thrown around here and there. But what exactly is it? Not every site takes the time to bring you up to speed, so we're here to give you an easy breakdown! 

For those unaware of this term, fast fashion is what you see pretty much everywhere in the clothing industry today. The whole concept of “2021 style” and how you can’t possibly wear the same shoes from last year, “that style just isn’t in anymore!” mentality. The fashion industry has profited off cheaply made trendy clothing that’s both mass produced and meant to be thrown out as soon as the next trendy outfit hits the shelves. 

Sadly, not only does this both drain the wallets of consumers and promote some pretty unhealthy spending habits, it’s also horrible for the environment! Most of the clothes that don’t get sold are pretty much sent straight to the dump and most old clothes also unfortunately make their way to those same landfills too. In fact, the fashion industry is said to produce 92 million tons of waste per year! 

We as a company are appalled by these figures, so we do everything we can to make sure when we make our products, they’re created with quality so you don’t have to throw them away so quickly! We also use recycled and more eco friendly materials so they’re more biodegradable than the usual material our competitors use.

Our goal

While we pride ourselves on already taking steps to be more environmentally friendly ourselves, we aim to inspire our competitors to keep up with us. At the end of the day, we only have one planet, so as much as we may be competitors, we want them to make better decisions and help us in our efforts to make the fashion industry pick up some responsibility they’ve been neglecting for far too long.

We also want to give women and minorities more of a say in the shoes they’re wearing! Therefore, we’re happy to say that our company is both diverse with nearly 90% of our team consisting of women! If women are going to be wearing our shoes, we ought to put women in charge of testing and wearing them after all!

Have we managed to inspire you? We sure hope so! Take part today in our efforts to change the fashion industry into a more environmentally friendly landscape and look into more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fast fashion! Shop today and get yourself a pair of sustainable sandals that are made to last!



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