Tips on Finding the Best and Comfiest Shoe for Work!

We are all aware of how tiring a work day can be and those long hours really do end up taking a massive toll on our precious feet.  But this can easily be fixed.  All you need is good footwear that is durable and provides endless amounts of comfort! In this blog post we will be helping you decide on your next pair of sandals and flats that would be most suitable for your workplace.  So let's begin!


First thing to consider when buying your pair of sandals or shoes is to look at the thickness of the sole and how cushioned it is.  Your shoe of choice should feel comfortable as soon as you put it on.  The point of a sole is to basically keep you off the ground and provide comfort with every step you take. It is the foundation of every shoe and determines many other factors, the main one being comfort. To figure out if the shoe is best for your workplace, we recommend investing in a shoe with a rubber sole.  Rubber is bendable and extremely durable making it extremely easy to break into and be able to spend your days pain free!

Provide Arch Support

As humans, our feet are not made for walking on hard and flat surfaces.  It is important that there is an arched support to each of our footwear to help distribute our weight and pressure evenly across.  When buying sandals for work, you know you will be standing for hours at a time or be constantly on your feet, so it is important that you consider a shoe with an immense amount of arch support. The sandals that we offer at SocoSands come with built-in arch support and help provide stability and balance! 

Space for Toes

Another thing when shopping for shoes and sandals is to consider how much room the shoes have to offer.  No one enjoys jammed toes and squished feet, this can be incredibly damaging to your feet and makes your day spent at work even more uncomfortable.  Make sure when buying a pair of sandals there is a lot of space for you to move your toes around and it would be a bonus if you were to invest in open toed sandals, if your workplace allows it.  Open toed sandals ensure that it is not only roomy and spacious but also provides breezy comfort. Now you can flaunt your latest pedicure everywhere you go!

Fits Snug 

When keeping room in mind, it is also important to consider that the shoe that you are considering isn't too spacious that will cause your foot to slip right out.   We recommend finding a sandal that has adjustable straps and enough shoe support that have your feet in place all day long.  Wearing a shoe too big or too short can at times cause blisters and rashes on your ankles or other parts of the feet and no one wants that. 


Now we will be recommending some sandals that we think are most suitable for your day spent at work and meet the entire criteria that we discussed above!

Flower Casual Beach Female Flat Sandals 

The first recommendation that we have for you is the Flower Casual Beach Female Flat Sandals. These sandals have a cushioned rubber sole, elevated arch, lots of room to move your toes around, and come with a stretchy strap on the back that helps to keep your feet in place! Why go plain solids when you can go full floral? Get this beautiful pair that can be worn to work or to a brunch and stay stylish. 

Comfy Platform Wide Sandals

The second pair of sandals that we believe will be great for any office setting are the Comfy Platform Wide Sandals. The soft insole is made with Orthopedic cushions that will support your feel through thick and thin. Wear it to experience a whole day at work, pain-free. 


Head over to our website and place an order now! Click here to check out the entire collection! 

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