What Our Customers Have to Say About SocoSands! - Customer Review

What Our Customers Have to Say About SocoSands! - Customer Review

Are you constantly going through different pairs of sandals because they just don't seem to last or end up being too uncomfortable? Well no need to keep searching, because we got you covered! Here at SocoSands we have a simple mission and that is to provide comfortable and affordable footwear! In this blog post, we will be seeing what all our customers have to say about their experience shopping with our brand and what it has to offer.  So why not meet our customers and see all they have to say, so that we can make your life more convenient and simple! 


Read My Review!

    We are so happy to see that customers like Natalie have had such a positive experience shopping with SocoSands! She bought our Comfort Slip-On Sandals and was incredibly impressed with how comfortable these shoes were.  That is because all our shoes are made with a rubber sole and built in arch support making it incredibly comfortable to wear.  


    Comfortable for my slightly wide and flat feet!

    Sybil is incredibly content with her purchase and wants to purchase more! We are constantly striving to design our products in a way that will make you feel more comfortable and confident in your daily routine. Through simplicity in design & confidence in comfort we offer the world's most comfortable sandals. So why not believe what Sybil has to say and get your very own pair today!  


    BUY THESE NOW!!!!!!

      What's more important? Looking cool or staying comfortable? You'd never have to make that tough choice again with these sandals.  Now functionality and style can go hand in hand with the all new Comfort Slip-On Sandals. Here at SocoSands, we are aware that everyone has their own unique pair of feet.  So that is why we have made it our mission to create our shoes that will provide endless amounts of comfort for all types of people, regardless of what shape and type of foot they have!  


      Love That These Shoes Are Recycled!

        SocoSands is incredibly proud to say that all of our footwear products are 100% plastic free! We source sustainable bamboo and recycled and reclaimed rubber parts for the production of all our sandals and footwear. We like to lead by example and steer global ecommerce down the environmentally friendly path. 


        Appreciate the Added Height These Shoes Provide!

          The Comfy Platform Wide Sandals are designed with a subtle wedge that not only adds height but also helps to distribute your weight and pressure evenly so this will limit any pain! The soft insole is made with Orthopedic cushions that will support your feel through thick and thin. Wear it to experience a whole day (and night) of pain-free versatile style. 


          Really Kind Sellers!

            Rylee bought the Bohemia Bead Style Herringbone Sandals and was incredibly impressed with her shopping experience! We are always ready to help satisfy our customers with anything they are in need of!  Here at Soco Sands, nothing means more to us than providing you with the customer service you truly deserve!  We are a humble brand and will do all we can to provide value to our customers! 


            Wonderful Company 

              Johanna recently purchased our Casual Comfort Wedge Sandals and feels amazing about the little difference she can make to help benefit the world!  We reject fast fashion and non sustainable practices, as we lead and set examples to our competitors and other footwear providers.  We all encourage everyone to look into different ways that they too can help change the world, because monumental differences start from simple choices that we all have the power to make! 




              We are so happy to hear that customers like Alice have been turning to companies like SocoSands to make more ethical and environmentally conscious decisions! She bought one of our popular pieces of foot wear and that was the Flower Casual Beach Female Flat Sandals. As mentioned earlier we are a company that rejects fashion and non-sustainable practices.  We are hoping to inspire others to make the same ethical decisions and Alice and help make our world a better place!


              This has now brought us to the end of our blog post, hopefully some of these customer reviews resonated with you and will inspire you to do what you think is right!  Why not become one of the happy customers that you met today and enjoy lifetime comfort!  Head over to our website and place an order now! Click here to check out the entire collection! 
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