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Comfy Leather Platform Slippers

Comfy Leather Platform Slippers

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 Size Chart(cm):

Size Foot Length
4 22.5
5 23
6 23.5
7 24
8 24.5
8.5 25
9 25.5
10 26
11 26.5


Indulge in the ultimate comfort and style with our Comfy Leather Platform Slippers. Our slippers are painstakingly and lovingly crafted for a distinctive and indulgent experience for your feet.

Crafted from high-end leather, our slippers are certain to supply a sublime texture, durability, and ventilation. Experience the seamless velvet of genuine leather as you slip your feet in, and feel the distinction with each step. The supple leather shapes to your feet for a customized fit and maximum comfort throughout the day.

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