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Lightweight Non Slip Sneakers

Lightweight Non Slip Sneakers

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  • Good arch support. Our designs are designed to distribute body weight and ensure a balanced posture evenly.
  • Easy to put on and take off. The elastic design on the sides saves you time when putting on and taking off and allows you to enjoy all-day comfort.
  • Breathable and lightweight. Our specialists have selected the ideal materials to ensure comfort throughout the day.
  • Non-slip. The rubber sole ensures a good grip on the ground and more safety.
  • Wide and comfortable. The width of the shoe is 5.5 inches. inches.

Size Chart(cm):

Size Heel to Toe
4.5 22.5
5 23
5.5 23
6 23.5
6.5 24
7 24
7.5 24.5
8 24.5
8.5 25
9 25.5
9.5 25.5
10 26



Stylishly designed, providing superior comfort, breathable fabric, and sweat-wicking properties.

Our shoes have been developed, tested, and approved by a team of experienced shoemakers. We produce our boots with utmost comfort and excellence.


A classic not to be missed

The interior is Soft, leaving feet dry and free from unpleasant aromas even after long-term use. The exterior leather is sturdy yet supple; it remains unscathed from multiple flexions, restoring its original shape. Its longevity and abrasion resistance are incomparable.

The feet act as the foundation when we walk, and the shape and manner of walking affect large portions of our body. To ensure correct posture, it is critical to select the ideal footwear for our feet.

Featuring a laceless design, the sneakers are easy to don and remove. Constructed of lightweight, Soft fabrics, this option is comfortable and of superior quality, making it perfect for everyday wear. Additionally, the shoe is equipped with a non-slip rubber sole for outstanding traction, even in wet conditions.
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